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Dodge Does It Again: Legal Street Racing, & We Have Photo Evidence [Gallery]

Pontiac, Michigan’s Woodward Avenue recently felt the heat of barely legal streetcars for the second consecutive year. Roadkill Nights powered by Dodge headed a full day of entertainment at the M1 Concourse, which included joy rides in Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats and Vipers, a Show N' Shine, a Dodge Viper round-up, dyno runs and driving simulators. (Oh, my!)

Dodge SRT Hellcat

You know you’ve reached Roadkill Nights when you hear a train horn blaring, and then minutes later witness barely legal streetcars do side-by-side burnouts while 5,500 tons of solid metal rolls across the train tracks. #BecauseRoadkill

The track was hot at 10 a.m. and scheduled to run through 11 p.m. In between races, Leah Pritchett made an appearance to jet down the strip with an 11,000-hp NHRA Top Fuel dragster, and Matt Hagan ripped down Woodward in a NHRA Nitro Funny Car. Then David Freiburger, Mike Finnegan, Lucky Costa, Leah Pritchett, Mike Musto, Tony Angelo, Chris Jacobs and Matt Hagan went head-to-head in a celebrity showdown with Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats.

Despite the spotty rain conditions, cars were able to race down the Avenue until 8:30 p.m., when the rolling clouds opened abruptly and rained on the parade for a solid 30 minutes. Mother Nature sure can be a party pooper...

Roadkill Nights

Despite the downpour, the dedicated trackside team worked until 11 p.m. to dry the pavement. After calling out all the stops, including sending a flame-throwing Cadillac as a final attempt at sizzling the moisture away, the event was forced to throw in the towel.

Cadillac with flames

But just because the event was cut short doesn’t mean we have nothing to show for it...

There’s plenty of action to be seen in the gallery at the top!

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