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Donut Derelicts: Pre "Cars & Coffee"

donut-derelicts-weekend-morning-car-meet-29 It used to be you'd go cruise the boulevard on a Friday or Saturday night, but it ain't 1962 anymore and those days are all but gone - the parking lot hang out seems to have filled the void and is the go-to outing in between large, organized shows. Whether it's Cars & Coffee or another weekend morning car gathering, it just seems like a way of life for us car folk - an excuse to pull out our cars and go enjoy them with other like-minded people. Here on DrivingLine we've talked about everything from Crystal Cove to Supercar Sunday and everything in between, plus Tea and Tuners and some other Cars & Coffee alternatives since the end of the Irvine C&C last month. In Southern California there are plenty of such informal meets and our weather permits us to drive unconventional cars all year round. While we all like to oogle an exotic from time-to-time, Donut Derelicts is the place to go on a Saturday morning if you're more persuaded by rusty or restored steel and old classic muscle. donut-derelicts-weekend-morning-car-meet-02 Donut Derelicts didn’t start out as a huge gathering of classics and street machines, it was just four guys getting together at a local donut shop in Huntington Beach. A place to grab a donut and coffee and head out with their kids to go dirt bike riding for the day. From what I can tell, that was the beginning until others saw the little gathering of old cars at Adams Ave and Magnolia. Four cars turned to eight and so on and so forth as word got out. After a Street Rodder editor included it in print, it really reached "event" status. From there, the numbers jumped to 70 plus - today there could be anything from 40 to 140 cars in the lot, sometimes overflowing to adjacent parking lots. donut-derelicts-weekend-morning-car-meet-26 There have been people and cars from all walks of life going down to the old donut shop, getting their fill of caffeine and sugar to start the day. Plan to see anything from a Cord to a little deuce coupe and know that it's a little hit and miss. You never know who may show up - some sightings have included Art Chrisman, Chip Foose , and Little John Butera. Above and beyond the cars, it’s just a great place to meet and talk shop with a bunch of like-minded folk. donut-derelicts-weekend-morning-car-meet-35 If you're a lover of coffee like me, know that Adams Avenue Donuts serves it up hot and black. Pair that with a bacon maple bar and you're set! Most of the cars roll out to go about the rest of their day by 8:30, so show up early...even earlier if you hope to nab a coveted bacon maple bar! donut-derelicts-weekend-morning-car-meet-46

Enjoy the Donut Derelicts gallery below! Where did you head this weekend?

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