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Eleventh Hour Gearhead Gift Guide

As anyone one of your relatives will tell you, buying a gift for a gearhead can sometimes be challenging. I mean, how many car themed coffee mugs does one person need? So whether it’s for your partner in automotive crime, your uber-cool grease monkey dad or a fun way to spend your bonus cash on yourself, we’ve got some great ideas:

dl gear gift 01

Membership at the Petersen, $84

For $84, you get unlimited visits to one of the world’s most exciting car collections, 10% off at the museum store and exclusive invites to track days. Add another $15 and you get a couples’ membership, making ‘date night’ into something you may really enjoy. That is, if you're a Southern California resident. Source:

dl gear gift 02

C-TEK Battery Sense, $50

At only $50, the CTEK Battery Sense allows you to uncross your fingers every time you start your car. It notifies you of your battery's status directly to your phone. So go ahead and toss that rabbits foot and disregard your horoscope, the Battery Sense combines simple technology with 21th century convenience. Source:

dl gear gift 03

Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum, $249

Cordless vacuums in general, are awful. What’s even more awful? A car that’s pimp on the outside, but covered in dog hair and Cheerios on the inside. Give or get this fun little tool for the holidays, and you’ll soon find not a dirty nook or cranny anywhere around. The mattress attachment makes it especially adept at car upholstery, which is helpful after your smelly Uncle George asks for a joy ride. Source:

dl gear gift 04

K4 Laser Defuser g5, $399 per sensor

If you’ve been particularly bad this year and been caught, perhaps you wrote your holiday wish list during traffic school. The K4 Laser Defuser counters the copper’s radar guns leaving you and your ride impervious to their tracking. K4 is so confident of this technology, that each professionally installed system comes with a 12 month ticket protection. If you get a ticket within 12 months of ownership, K4 will pay up, no questions asked. Source:

dl gear gift 05

Vossen, CV5 $549 and up per wheel

If you‘ve been really good, why not go for it? Ask for those Vossen wheels you’ve been drooling over all year. You know you want them. No, not the forged $9,000 ones, we both know you haven’t been THAT good. But these sure would look great as you speed away from Christmas dinner. Source:


(Photos: Courtesy of the manufacturers)

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