Ford vs Chevy: The Battle Continues

The marketing tactics for Chevy and Ford during SEMA have been very much in contrast. Although they both fight for a customer base in the U.S., Chevy targeted a wide genre of Americans with their Vette on down to the economical Spark, while Ford narrowed their marketing to the 2015 Mustang and the F150 Ecoboost. KG7A7556 Chevy has kept a tight interest in keeping warranty-backed OEM products from the manufacturer to its Vette and Camaro. In terms of reliability, you can’t beat OEM-backed warranties that keep the ride running smoothly. KG7A7527 Ford weighs heavily on showcasing aftermarket concepts from companies like Roush and Foose to show of the modification capabilities for their Mustang. KG7A7544 KG7A7551 Pick-up lines from both companies rival each other and target everyone from the young, outgoing dirt bike rider to the family man that needs some extra hauling capability. Take a look at some of our favorites... KG7A7556 KG7A7554 KG7A7553 KG7A7552 KG7A7550 KG7A7549 KG7A7547 KG7A7546 KG7A7545 KG7A7543 KG7A7541 KG7A7539 KG7A7538 KG7A7537 KG7A7536 KG7A7535 KG7A7532 KG7A7533 KG7A7534 KG7A7530 KG7A7529 KG7A7528 KG7A7526 KG7A7525


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