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Fresh From SEMA 2013: 5 Cool New Products

header4 Last year, over 2000 products were debuted at the SEMA Show. With Day 3 in the books, it’s time to take a look at 5 cool new products released for SEMA 2013.

GoPro Hero3+

Not only did they have one of the best OEM cars in their booth (Carbon Fiber Pagani Huyara) but GoPro released its latest Hero3+ Black Edition Camera with a discount for SEMA attendees! The Hero3+ adds better optics, a new "SuperView" mode, an improved battery and a slimmer profile over the Hero3. As an owner of the Hero3 I can personally attest to the need for better battery life – the new “SuperView” mode is also very attractive, it effectively takes everything that 4:3 would grab, and dynamically spreads it out to 16:9 at the recording stage – I can’t wait to upgrade. sema-2013-top-products01 sema-2013-top-products02 sema-2013-top-products04

Coverking Custom Printed Car Covers

Not a SEMA debut, but still very cool nonetheless – Coverking has a fresh new set of Custom printed car covers available. Displayed at SEMA is the Tesla Model S cover – detail down to the tires! A unique way to protect yet display your car at the same time. sema-2013-top-products06 sema-2013-top-products05

Vossen Wheels Directional / Flow Formed wheel lineup

Vossen’s latest offerings include their directional lineup of wheels. The CVT is a light-weight, low pressure, staggered directional one-piece cast wheel. It is offered in 20" and 22" diameters. Released specifically for SEMA, there are 2 wheels that are part of the Vossen FlowForm line – yet to be named! sema-2013-top-products07 sema-2013-top-products08 sema-2013-top-products09 sema-2013-top-products10

Vorsteiner Aventador-V Aerokit

As I’m sure you can imagine, the demographic for Lamborghini aftermarket is quite small. This hasn’t stopped the team at Vorsteiner from building a complete program for the Aventador. Their Aventador-V upgrade includes:

  • Aventador-V Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Replacement
  • Aventador-V Carbon Fiber Side Blade Skirt Attachment
  • Aventador-V Carbon Fiber Wing Blade Package (2 pcs.)
  • Aventador-V Carbon Fiber Exterior Package Replacing O.E. Factory Pieces
  • 20 & 21 1-Piece Monoblock Forged Aluminum Wheels

Of particular note is the Carbon Fiber Wing Blade, which currently is the only add-on wing in the world that still utilizes the factory strut functionality. sema-2013-top-products11 sema-2013-top-products12 sema-2013-top-products13

Hyundai Crate Motor Program

How’s that for factory backing of the aftermarket? At SEMA 2013, Hyundai announced their availability of 2.0L Four Cylinder motor as well as the 3.8L Six Cylinder. Starting at $4500 up thru $9000, crate motors allow aftermarket enthusiasts and tuners unbridled access to upgrades for the very popular rwd performance segment. Hyundai’s commitment to the aftermarket is paying off as it has a very strong following amongst the Genesis Coupe contingent. sema-2013-top-products14 sema-2013-top-products15 < sema-2013-top-products16 -Albert Roxas 

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