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Garage Built: JDM Legends

You’d never expect that one of the best vintage Japanese import and restoration shops is located in Utah of all places. Eric Bizek and Trey Cobb founded JDM Legends because of their passion for Japanese classic cars and willingness to share their expertise.

dl 0716 gara 01

JDM Legends fulfills needs for clients all over the world. Take this blue Datsun Z for example, a request by a client in Dubai. Eric regularly travels to Japan to find the perfect JDM classic, import it into the US and begin a restoration project. Once at the shop, they strip it down to the bare bones before building it back up. From custom fabrications, modern modifications and replating every bit of hardware, not one piece of a car goes untouched. Their attention-to-details are of the highest standards and on another level. Not only will the client receive a pristine Japanese classic, but they’re also provided with a fully detailed book highlighting every step they took during the restoration process.

dl 0716 gara 02

dl 0716 gara 03  

At any given time, JDM Legends will house anywhere between 15 to 20 vintage Japanese cars at varying levels of restoration. If you have a JDM classic in need of a restoration, either in full concourse-style or a modern resto-mod, these are the guys to go to. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a JDM vehicle, they’re the ones to make it come true.

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Source:, 801-685-7900

(Photos by: Denny Huang)

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