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Get a Jump Start on Your Day with the JUNOJUMPER [Review]

DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-01-0650 You think 1% on your iPhone is bad? Try getting in your car, turning the key and hearing "click-click, click-click." Either stranded on your driveway or in some parking lot, we've all experienced dead car batteries or know someone who has. Once you've finished blaming yourself for leaving the headlights on, its time to move on and figure out how to get some juice to jump this baby back to life. Never worry about annoying your friends or trying to remember where you left your AAA card again. Next time you're in need of a jump start, handle it without breaking a sweat with JunoPower's small, but powerful, JUNOJUMPER. DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-02-03-0622-0623 This small little black box can't possibly contain the one thing that will get down and dirty to power a four-wheeled machine, can it? Done are the days of bulky, ugly car battery chargers from Wal-Mart and Joe the tow truck driver wiping his greasy hands as he pops open your hood. JunoPower classes things up with a clean and sleek modern design that it makes you want to find a dead battery just so you can show it off. DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-04-0643 DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-05-06-0636-0637 Just slightly larger than an iPhone 5s, the JUNOJUMPER measures to 139 x 75 x 15mm and weights only 7 ounces. This little guy can fit in your pocket and has enough power to jump start a dead car battery, twice! DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-07-0629 DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-09-10-0642-0640 No need to deny it, you're a power junkie just like everyone else in the 21th century. The JUNOJUMPER doesn't just stop at bringing dead car batteries back to life, just plug your mobile device, tablet, or anything powered through a USB connection, and you're ready to keep on going. Once you've used up all of the power (and I know you will), simply recharge it with a micro USB cable or 12V cigarette port. DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-08-0646 Let the cables do the thinking for you. Whether its your first dead battery or your 100th, look like a pro with the included SMARTec Cables that have sensors that will light up and alert you when the car is ready for a jump. The reverse charge and anti-spark protection features on these cables will keep you safe and worry free. DrivingLine-JunoPower-JunoJUMPER-ProductReview-JP-11-12-0275-0277 If you need more reason to jump on getting the JUNOJUMPER, check out this video from JunoPower on how quick, easy, and powerful it is:
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