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Get Your Fill of Fords at 2014 Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show

Fab Fords02 If you're a Ford person, than Fabulous Fords Forever is just your type of show! Held each year, Fabulous Fords Forever got its start 30 years ago when Ford was celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Mustang. Thirty years later, the Ford Mustang is now 50 years old! But FFF isn't just for Mustangs, although those are the majority of the nearly 2,000 vehicles which register, Fords of all years and models show up to celebrate all things blue oval. Fab Fords04 The special guest at 2014 FFF was the newly-released 2015 Ford Mustang, this was the first time many West Coasters got to see it in the flesh! fabulous-fords-forever-shelby-cobra-gt500 Whether modern or classic Ford Mustang, it seemed like there was endless variety and modifications present. One of my personal favorites was this 1967 Shelby Cobra GT500. Powered by a 427, this car is just asking to burn some rubber - you can tell that it has by the residue behind the rear tires!

Peruse the gallery to see the Mustang variety or skip ahead to see other special Ford makes and models...

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