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JDM Baby Bronco: "Dronco" is American-Inspired, Japanese-Made

Along with the hugely anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco, Ford has also announced that it's building a smaller unnamed off-road oriented SUV that's been dubbed the "Baby Bronco." And while we still don't know exactly what Ford's Baby Bronco will be, a well known Japanese aftermarket company has gone ahead and done its own version of a miniature, retro-styled, Bronco-inspired 4x4 and it's quite cool.

1973 Ford Bronco Red

Known as the "Dronco" the little SUV was created by Dream Automotive Development & Design, better known as DAMD—and it's based on the current Suzuki Jimny—the compact 4x4 that's an icon in the Japanese market.

2019 Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Green

To help make the modern Jimny resemble the first generation Bronco, DAMD applied some unique tricks including a two-tone body color, a Bronco-esque front grille, steel wheels and rear-mounted ladder setup. It's really nothing drastic, but the conversion is very effective.

DAMD Dronco Bronco Jimny

In addition to the Dronco, DAMD has also announced another Jimny-based concept, this one called the "Jimny Roots." As its name suggests, this one stays in the Suzuki family, taking its inspiration from the first generation Jimny that was introduced back in 1970.

DAMD Jimny the Roots Suzuki

Both the DAMD Jimny Roots and the Dronco will be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, and as for the actual Ford "Baby Bronco" we are expecting to hear more about this one within the next few months.

DAMD Suzuki Jimny the Roots

Of course, anyone who is somewhat familiar with the Japanese custom scene will know the Dronco is far from the first modern JDM machine to be restyled with a vintage American inspiration.

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