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Let Me Ride: Mercedes-AMG GT S

DL-MB_AMG_GTS-EDIT-01 Last month I kicked off Let Me Ride, a series where I sit shotgun and cruise around the neighborhood with my roommate and Motor Trend's Associate Road Test Editor, Nate Martinez, in cars that OEMs won't let me borrow. Think of it like Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars" but with way less funny guys and zero signs of coffee, usually because I've just rolled out of bed and Nate's in a mad rush to get to work. But such is the LMR life: you get whatever seat time is dealt and enjoy it. The Porsche Cayman GT4 was pretty sweet; this Mercedes-AMG GT S is pure animal. DL-MB_AMG_GTS-EDIT-02 Firing the Mercedes-AMG GT S up is neat. The engine roars to life and gurgles a bit as it idles, the side carbon mirrors fold outward and the LED daytime running lights are futuristic. Inside there are more knobs and buttons that I know what to do with in the center console; the monitor atop the dashboard is a familiar Mercedes feature and I can see that there is the ability to dial in suspension settings with a simple touch. DL-MB_AMG_GTS-EDIT-05 Driving our route, Nate takes a more calm approach with the Benzo, saying it's much more of a performance car. It feels like it, sounds like it, too. A quick blip of the gas and I can easily see why. The 4.0L twin-turbo V8 dishes out 503hp and can hit 60mph in 3.7-seconds. We are happy campers. DL-MB_AMG_GTS-EDIT-03 This particular model carries a $156K price tag and should please its owner very well. The Mercedes-AMG GT S is elegant, powerful and then some. You can find more info at the Mercedes-Benz site. id  59394

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