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Livin' in Luxury with Lawrence's Lexus LS460L

Lawrence Ojas has owned many vehicles over his lifetime, including many tuner vehicles. Many of these vehicles served as a showcase for what his shop, Intec Racing, could do. Specializing in imports like Hondas, Nissans, and Toyotas, many of Ojas’s personal and customer vehicles have graced the pages of magazines and websites around the world.

Lexus LS460L on Nitto INVO tires

After taking influence from the VIP styling trend in Japan, Ojas decided that he needed a luxurious big-body sedan in his stable. Ojas then began a multi-month search for just the right vehicle, and this Lexus LS460L AWD in Executive Class trim fit the bill.

Lawrence Ojas's AIMGAIN-equipped LS460 is the epitome of the Lexus VIP styling

Features for an Executive

The Lexus LS line has always been the largest and most luxurious vehicle in the Lexus lineup, and the fourth generation that ran from 2006 to 2017 carried on that tradition. The standard wheelbase model spans more than 116-inches, while the longer wheelbase model (of which, Ojas’s is an example of) spans nearly 122-in. By comparison, the Lexus GS of this era has a wheelbase that spans 112-in.

The rear seats of the Lexus LS460 Executive package include reclining seats with massagers

This generation of LS featured a number of trim packages, of which the Executive package was the highest. While the luxury package added details like leather and alcantara seat trim, alcantara headliner, and adjustable rear heated and cooled seats with memory settings, the Executive Class package added a rear power reclining feature including multifunction massaging and legrest, rear seat wood trimmed table, and rear seat DVD entertainment system with wireless headphones. All Lexus LS460s of this generation contain luxurious wood trim accents throughout the interior, and sitting in the vehicle certainly feels like you’re in Lexus’s flagship luxury sedan. Since the vehicle rolled off the showroom floor with so many features and luxuries, Ojas largely left the interior alone, simply added some Aimgain neck pillows and throw pillows to add a bit of customization.

Ojas customize the interior of his Lexus LS460L with some AIMGAIN accessories

AIMGAIN for the Stars

The core of the VIP style out of Japan centers around big body sedans, big wheels, and bulbous body features. This generation of Lexus LS460 exudes many of the same body lines as the second generation Lexus GS Sedan, which many consider to be the epitome of the Japanese VIP style. Similarly, while the Junction Produce body kit is seen as the epitome of the aftermarket styling options for the GS Sedan, the AIMGAIN kit for the 460L has many of the same accents, extending the bumper lower to the ground and creating the bulbus lines around the lower bumper lines and the sideskirts that are synonymous with the VIP style.

2009 LS460L parked next to pier

Shortly after picking up this 2009 model year Lexus LS460L, Ojas knew that the AIMGAIN body kit was the one he had to have. Ojas opted for the fenders which feature large vents between the wheel opening and the door, but opted not to spring for the rear wing or roof wing as he preferred the cleaner, streamlined look that the body offers without the spoiler. While choosing AIMGAIN over any of the other VIP-styled body kits is a matter of personal choice, it’s clear that this style compliments the factory bodylines of this generation of Lexus LS.

Front end of Lexus LS460L

Knowing that a good bodykit is best accented with the right set of wheels, Ojas had the tough decision of finding a set of wheels that fit the aggressive-yet-luxury look Ojas was after. As an official distributor of WEDS wheels, Ojas decided that the Kranze Acuerdo wheel was the right wheel to accentuate the body lines and project the feel of luxury while also adding a custom element to the build. Ojas found the right specs to fit the look he was looking for, but unfortunately, would require a bit of rear fender work to make it fit as he had envisioned. Luckily, he had yet to paint the AIMGAIN bodykit, so he requested a custom fender widening when he sent the car and bodykit into the body shop.

The factory chrome exhaust tips fit nicely alongside the AIMGAIN body kit and WEDS Kranze Acuerdo wheels

When the car returned, and the fenders were confirmed to be the right size, Ojas wrapped the Kranze Acuerdo 21” wheels in Nitto Invo tires with 245/35/R21 sizing. The INVO tire in particular is known for being a luxury sport tire intended for luxury vehicles that still require high levels of traction and performance.

The front profile of the Lexus LS60L looks great, especially under dusk conditions

Rounding out the look, Ojas utilized a set of BC coilovers with upgraded Swift springs to achieve the ride height he desired. While many in the VIP scene choose the luxury of an airbag system that allows for customization of the ride height depending on the situation, Ojas is more old school and prefers the static look and ride of coilovers.

Left front wheel detail on Lexus LS460L

The “bags” vs. “coils” debate is long-standing in the VIP tuning circles, but the ideal state won’t be settled anytime soon.

An AIMGAIN badge alerts bystanders to the styling cues on Lawrence Ojas's Lexus LS460L

Enjoying the Drive

At the end of the day, Ojas chose the Lexus LS460L for its unapologetic luxury, and chose the combination of AIMGAIN body panels, WEDS wheels, and BC Racing coilovers to achieve the correct balance of luxury, performance, and looks.

Weds Kranze Acuerdo wheels accentuate the lines of the Lexus LS460L that Lawrence Ojas built

If Ojas wants a taste of raw driving experience, he can always take his Toyota Corolla AE86 out for a spin, or if he wants a higher performance option, the Nissan S14 that is currently in his stable is a likely option (although it may soon be replaced by the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR that he is currently working on). For now, the Lexus LS460L fits the bill of looking the part, providing luxury features, and still providing a good driver's experience. Plus, it’s a rolling showcase of the work Ojas and his team at Intec Racing can provide for their customers.

rear end of 2009 Lexus LS460L AWD

Spec Sheet: Lawrence Ojas’s 2009 Lexus LS460L AWD

Hometown: Kent, WA
Engine: 4.6L V8, rated at 380hp/360 lb-ft of torque, Apex’I throttle controller
Suspension & Brakes BC Coilovers with Swift Springs F-Sport Brake calipers
Wheels & Tires 21 inch Weds Kranze Acuerdo
245/35/R21 Nitto Invo Tires
Exterior AIMGAIN Premium Body Kit
Widened Rear Quarters
Diamond Lighting LEDs
Interior Executive Trim Package (which includes Semi-Aniline Leather Seat Trim, Ecsaine Headliner, rear power reclining seats with multifunction massager & legrest, rear seat wood trimmed table, and rear seat DVD entertainment with wireless headphones), AIMGAIN neck pillows, AIMGAIN plush throw pillows
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