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Major Trends from SEMA 2014

SMEA 2014 is over, an amazing show has come to a close. 4 days of aftermarket automotive madness in all its glory. Here's what we saw as the major themes...


rb_nsx_nitto rb_nitto lexus_rcf_rb lexus_rcf_rb2 From the Blue Chrome Acura NSX masterpiece in the Nitto Tires booth to the RCF in the Lexus booth, TraKyoto / Miura-San has made his presence well known outside of the FR-S scene. These things do multiply like bunnies!


mustang_rtr2 mustang-RTR From the Mustang RTR to the multiple amazing hot rod builds in the central hall, the domestic aftermarket (some say the originators of the aftermarket) is still going strong.


bmw_1 bmw_2 Seeing major car manufacturers embrace the aftermarket for the first time (BMW and Mercedes) shows that they believe its here to stay...a good thing for everyone. Even players like Chevy and Ford were pushing their OEM aftermarket accessories.


aventador_LBW hre2 No car is safe from us, regardless of price, make or model -  we can customize EVERYTHING.


akra_m4 m4_dtm_akra We saw a few tuners bring out DTM, GT3 and full open wheel racecars this go around. More and more each year! What will 2015 bring? 30" wheels? Full F1 Cars? Who knows, but check back in a year and we'll have the coverage!
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