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All-Season Tires Are Not Created Equal

As its name suggests, an all-season tire is designed as a solution for year-round driving. But not every all-season tire has the same versatility. With the new Nitto Motivo 365, drivers now have an option for a UHP all-season tire that also adds 3PMS capability for winter weather.

Nitto Motivo 365 tire on a blue CUV

Drivers who live in regions with snow and ice, or travel to those areas regularly will often swap to a dedicated winter tire when the seasons change. But what about other situations where you may deal with occasional winter storms or light snow and don’t want the hassle of switching to dedicated winter tires? That’s where the Motivo 365 All-Season UHP + 3PMS comes in.

Nitto Motivo 365 tire on white BMW in light snow

During spring and fall especially, it’s easy to get a caught out in a situation where the tires you’re using aren’t suited to the conditions on the road. And that’s when things can get unsafe in a hurry. But a true 3PMS-rated all-season bridges the gap between normal all-season tires and winter tires. You’ll have proven traction in occasional and light snow, and great performance and comfort the rest of the time.

Nitto Motivo 365 All-Season tire on white BMW in wet road conditions

3PMS 101

If you’ve ever done research while shopping for a new set of tires, or even just looked closely at a tire’s sidewall, you may have come across a small picture of a mountain with a snowflake inside of it. No, the little graphic isn’t some fun little easter egg to hunt for. It’s there to signify that a tire has a 3PMS or “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” rating. And those who live in colder areas and mountainous regions should be quite familiar with 3PMS tires because of how important it is.

3PMS mark on sidewall of Nitto Motivo 365 All-Season tire

A tire earns its 3PMS rating from its ability to perform at subfreezing temperatures and the amount of traction it can provide in light snow. A tire with this rating is crucial for driving in areas with cold and snow, and in certain areas of North America there are mandates that all vehicles have 3PMS tires during certain months of the year.

Tire Sidewall detail of three peak mountain snowflake on Nitto Motivo 365 All-Season tire

In most cases, this 3PMS rating is found on specialized winter or snow tires, along with certain all-terrain tires for light trucks. What’s not as common is a true all-season tire that has the 3PMS rating. And that’s one of the big things that makes the new Nitto Motivo 365 tire stand out from the competition.

Nitto Motivo 365 All-Season tire tread face on CUV in snow conditions

Handle the Unpredictable

The Motivo 365’s year-round versatility is also matched with excellent longevity. It’s backed by a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty that covers you across all the seasons. With wheel diameter fitment ranging from 17 to 20 inches, the Motivo 365 brings its capabilities to a wide range of modern CUVs, sedans and luxury vehicles that drivers depend on year-round.

Blue CUV driving on road towards cloudy weather conditions

Among seasoned cold weather drivers, there’s sometimes been a joke that all-season tires should actually be called “no-season” tires, because of compromises and lack of ability to handle snow and ice. But with its certified winter capability that’s matched with excellent warm weather performance and its 3PMS rating, the Motivo 365 is a true all-season tire that puts that notion to rest.

Nitto Motivo 365 All-Season tire on a white BMW in front of snow covered mountains

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