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Nissan's 2017 GT-R is Here, Comes with 565 Horsepower

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What a way to wake up: Nissan really went all out for the debut of its 2017 GT-R. Not only did they prep center stage with the almighty king but they brought all of its predecessors from around the world, including a Hakosuka, Kenmeri, and from its Zama Heritage Collection, an R32, R33 and uber-rare R34 M-Spec Nür (one of 250) GT-R models to come join the festivities. All these marvelous GT-Rs in one place, mega!

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But the true star is of course the newest generation R35, the 2017 GT-R, which is the most powerful version yet since its debut ten years ago in 2007. This is the GT-R Premium, the first of four variants the GT-R will come available as, and this one's producing 565hp, a good 20hp over last year's version. It also comes with a new, standard titanium exhaust, which features Active Noise Cancellation and Active Sound Enhancement to either filter out or enhance the exhaust notes while driving (we'd opt to turn the dial past 11). 

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Outside the 2017 GT-R has been redesigned with a larger V-motion grille to help cool the engine, and a new hood to increase stability at high speeds. 

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Inside, mission control has been updated with Nappa leather, including the instrument panel, with paddle shifters relocated to the steering wheel. Like to hit switches? Well, Nissan simplified that as well, reducing from the original 27 to 11 total, and replacing the touchscreen monitor with a slightly larger 8" display.

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Each VR38DETT engine will continue to be hand assembled by one of Nissan's Takumi technicians, of which there are five total, and four of them were flown to the NYIAS to assemble one during the show.

We'll have more photos of the Nissan booth shortly, and if you want to see the 2017 Nissan GT-R and its legendary siblings in person, you'll be able to this weekend at NYIAS.

(Photos and video: Courtesy of Nissan USA)

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