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Nitto NT555 G2: Are You Ready for It?

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The launch of Nitto’s next generation NT555 is here—known formally as the NT555 G2, this tire is set to take what the original did and do so much more, to significantly increase dry traction and performance while delivering better balance between wet versus dry performance. Consider this: at a recent testing session held at Palm Beach International Raceway, Nitto put the G2 up against the original 555 to see how it would fair on the 2.034-mile course—it was also extremely wet, thanks in part to Florida’s notoriously rainy weather. Overall, the lap time difference between the two tires was 10 seconds, 1:40.23 for the G2 and 1:50.78 for the 555; additionally, braking distance was also shortened by 20 feet, 76.5’ for the G2 and 96.75’ for the 555. By employing an updated tread and rubber compound, combined with a rearranged and re-analyzed pattern, the NT555 G2 stands proudly as Nitto's new flagship performance tire.

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The Nitto NT555 G2 makes its debut with 19-inch sizes, with additional sizes in 17- and 18-inch diameters to come shortly.

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(Photos: Ignition MG)

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