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On Display at Wekfest LA 2015

DL-WFLA-JP-Gallery-14 Don't let the Long Beach overcast fool you, admire the show cars for just a minute too long and you might be the lucky winner of a free t-shirt tan. With Wekfest LA being one of the biggest import shows in Southern California, I had to keep moving to make sure I saw it all. There's no holding back when Wekfest LA comes to your area; see how some of the cars were on display this year and don't worry you wont get burned for admiring these photos for too long, so admire away! DL-WFLA-JP-01 Not that Tovar’s Stoopidlow, wide body NSX needs help, but flags are a simple setup that grabs people's attention. DL-WFLA-JP-02 Butt as an added bonus, it doesn't hurt to add a little eye-catching junk in the trunk with the help of the lovely Tianna Gregory. DL-WFLA-JP-03 When thinking of a proper hood prop, don't force it. The best ideas can be the simplest ideas, just like this white Subbie with a matching Stormtrooper helmet. DL-WFLA-JP-04 There are others who don't need any props for their hood. They just completely remove them. DL-WFLA-JP-06 Roof racks have been the craze in the modding scene, whether they are for style or function. It was refreshing to see some using them to hoisting up the likes of bikes or tires. DL-WFLA-JP-07 The world's best tasting display. Trays like this with high class cigars and bottles of alcohol are common interior displays for VIP style cars. DL-WFLA-JP-08 Less is more. Sometimes the craziest displays are when you show the least. DL-WFLA-JP-09 Take Mikey's DC for example, the engine bay is so clear that you can see straight through it. DL-WFLA-JP-10 Going balls out with Neil Tjin's Honda Fit display. DL-WFLA-JP-11 DL-WFLA-JP-12 Armand’s deep-dish wheels are so clean you could eat a deep-dish pizza off of them. DL-WFLA-JP-13 Cars weren't the only things with elaborate setups at Wekfest. People couldn't help but stare are this photographer's giant strobe. Check out the gallery below for more Wekfest LA goodies: 

Stay tuned to for more Wekfest LA coverage to come.

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