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RADBUL Version 2: Mad Mike

From the moment we saw the photos on his Instagram, we had been eagerly awaiting the second coming of Mad Mike Whiddett's RADBUL. We stopped by RAD Industries to get a closer look at the Gen 2 MX-5 Formula Drift car and its new features before its debut the following weekend in Long Beach for the season opener of Formula Drift 2016.

drivingline formula drift 2016 mad mike radbul 01

RADBUL is sporting an entirely new look, made up of 2016 MX-5 exterior panels and lighting, along with reworked fiberglass and Rocket Bunny fenders, as well as a new rooftop and rear trunk mounted ducting to help to push more air downward into the rear mounted radiator.

drivingline formula drift 2016 mad mike radbul 06

The engine setup is mostly the same, making the same wicked sound while rocking 1,200 hp, but now with additional cooling systems to help keep it running optimally during competition. Inside, a 2016 dash has been custom modified to fit, and the new Holinger shifter setup has been set up to work with the Haltech ECU to cut the engine so that Mike can change gears without a clutch.

drivingline formula drift 2016 mad mike radbul 02

A new rear diffuser has been added to not only provide extra downforce but to also keep the rear wheels and suspension from serious damage by absorbing shock in the event of wall contact.

drivingline formula drift 2016 mad mike radbul 04

Since these photos were taken, a set of really dope looking (and controversial, depending on who you follow) Rotiform "bead look" wheels were mounted onto the car, which sent the social media realm into a literal frenzy.

Rotiform "bead look" wheels

drivingline formula drift 2016 mad mike radbul 10

You can learn more about RADBUL 2.0 in this video by Red Bull New Zealand:

Want to see his other cars? Watch Mad Mike Conquer the Cape in MADBUL and Conquer the Crown in BADBUL.

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