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RAUH-life: RWB VW Beetle

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, or more commonly known as RWB, is one of the hot new trends hitting the scene recently. Builder and owner Nakai-san started in a little shop in Japan focusing on Porsches, but his creative mind has never shied away from any vehicle. RWB Beatle-6 At the ENEOS Oil booth at SEMA 2014 we see an RWB of another kind, a VW Beatle. Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts! RWB Beatle-1 RWB Beatle-5 Wide over fenders and a rubber lip trim are just some of the trademarks of a quality RWB build shown here. RWB Beatle-2 RWB Beatle-4 RWB Beatle-3 People say its tough to be a bug, well this little guy is all about that "RAUH-life" RWB Beatle-7
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