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Readers' Rides: Just Keep on Building

What makes your project car or truck special to you? Maybe it’s the unique modifications you’ve made or the familial sentiment it carries. Whatever the case may be, we love seeing what our readers are building, so keep sharing @drivingline! Maybe it’ll inspire someone else’s next project.

This story originally appeared in Driving Line Magazine, Print Issue 12. To be featured in an upcoming issue of Driving Line’s Readers’ Rides, send a few high-resolution photos (min. 300 dpi) along with a brief bio and explanation of why your car’s special to you to:

Leo Barone - ’06 Ford Mustang

Nitto Tires: NT555 G2

'06 Ford Mustang GT

A friend’s ’69 Mach 1 first turned my attention toward Mustangs back in the late-’70s. I’ve gone on to own three Mustangs of my own through the years, including this ’06 Ford Mustang GT. As my daily, I always look forward to getting in the driver seat; the performance and handling of the Mustang, along with its retro styling, keep me coming back.

See this Mustang and more on Leo's Instagram @theponyaddicts.

Lee Sanchez - '94 Ford F-350

Nitto Tires: Trail Grappler

'94 Ford F-350

Ever since my dad pulled into the driveway with his brand-new ’97 Ford F-350, I've always wanted my own. I love this classic body style, and last year I finally had the opportunity to start building my own. It’s come a long way from the old farm truck it once was, but I'm building my dream truck one part at a time.

See more of Lee's awesome F-350 on Instagram @project_texcellent.

Quenten Raines - ’07 Nissan 350Z

Nitto Tires: NT555R

'07 Nissan 350Z

My car is special to me because the Z has been in my family for a few generations. My family has owned the Datsun 280ZX and the 300ZX, so it was only right for me to continue that legacy, while adding my own personal feel to it. I have plenty more changes to come in the near future, which includes a motor swap.

See more of Quenten's Z on Instagram @qtip804.

Dillon Bonnet - ’15 Dodge Charger RT

Nitto Tires: Motivo

'15 Dodge Charger RT

What makes my car unique is that it truly is different. You don't really see too many Dodge Charger RTs with a full aerodynamic kit. I took what I’ve seen from different cars and added my own little touches to make mine stand out from the rest.

See more of Dillon's Charger on Instagram @nikedupdillon.

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