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Ready, Set, Go! The Real Cars of Forza 5

IMG_8007_header When it comes to driving simulators (it seems a travesty to call them “video games”) Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport series has continued to push the envelope in game play - reaching a level rivaling most theatrical trailers. Not only does the game look amazing, but it is technically VERY sound - providing the driver an accurate feeling of taking vehicles to the ragged edge of control...without actually driving them. Forza_5_Party_E3_08 At this year’s E3 gaming convention, Microsoft announced its latest installment of the Forza Motorsport series: Forza 5. To cap off the event, they held an amazing reception at Vibiana, an incredible venue (former church) which housed multiple open bars, gaming stations and of course insane cars. Forza_5_Party_E3_01 An adjacent parking lot was used to showcase some vehicles many only get to see during in-game use, including:

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Cadillac CTSV Wagon
  • Aston Martin Vantage
  • Classic Chevrolet Corvette
  • Audi R8
  • Ford Mustang Cobra

Forza 5 also includes a movie tie-in with the much anticipated Ron Howard directed movie, Rush – based on a true story of a competitive F1 rivalry. In gameplay, you can actually use the Rush cars on the various tracks to battle production cars! This comes along with the announcement that open wheel race cars will be included in the Forza Motorsport series for the first time. Forza_5_Party_E3_02 As an additional treat during the reception, Mario Andretti’s Honda ride-along car was brought out to do a mean burnout in the street, right in front of the line waiting to get in! Forza_5_Party_E3_03 It was almost like seeing stars at an Oscar party – but instead of people, the cars are the stars! More F1 goodness as you enter the venue. Forza_5_Party_E3_04 New Aston Martin Vanquish dressed in Orange. Forza_5_Party_E3_05 A nice McLaren MP4-12C Spyder poised for pictures. Forza_5_Party_E3_06 Game play stations were available throughout the venue. Forza_5_Party_E3_07 A huge new addition to this latest installment is the ability to “damage” the vehicles, something not previously seen in the Forza series. With innovations such as this, along with F1 tie-ins and the latest and greatest in Hypercars (The McLaren P1 is on the cover) – Forza 5 is sure to be a huge hit once released to the general public later this year. Forza_5_Party_E3_09 To see more of Forza Motorsport 5, check out it's official trailer here. -Albert Roxas

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