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Ride of the Week: ‘94 Mazda RX-7 [Video]

Whenever we look for cars to participate in our Driver Battles series, we look for ones with that “it” factor. They need something that sets them apart from the sea of other track cars, be a ton of speed, the best mods or the car itself being a halo vehicle. When we found Johnson Mac’s ’94 Mazda RX-7, we knew we had the perfect contender on our hands. It has all three of those things in spades, and it didn’t disappoint.

Front of Driver Battles Mazda RX-7

There are way too many mods to list here, but to give a taste, it has an Evo-R GT2 carbon wing with Bubbletech wingstands, an AC Fabricators V-mount intercooler/radiator and Nitto NT01 tires. It makes 400hp with a weight of only 2,860 lbs, so it certainly has the power-to-weight ratio of a strong competitor.

Driver Battles Mazda RX-7 on Track

To see everything that makes this car special, watch the video above!

Rear of Driver Battles Mazda RX-7

Another excellent example of a rotary Mazda is this ’93 RX-7 R1.

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