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Ride of the Week: ‘99 Time Attack Miata [Video]

When it comes to cheap, fun track cars, they don’t get much better than a Miata. The combination of low weight, responsive handling and low horsepower make for a car you never have to worry about whether or not you can shove its nose into a corner. Throw a little aero on the back, and there are few cars that can inspire more confidence as a driver, or are more fun to drive.

Driver Battles Mazda Miata on the Track

That’s exactly why Chris Willard bought his and modified it to become a time attack beast. He’s added Xida single adjustable coilovers, Stoptech brake pads and an APR GTC-200 wing to help him get everything he can out of the turns. New wheels and tires were also a must, so he added Indotech Motorsport wheels with Nitto NT01 rubber.

Nitto NT01 Tire on Mazda Miata

To see everything that makes this Miata so fun, watch the video above.

Watch this Miata battle a Civic in Driver Battles!

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