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Driver Battles Season 2 Episode 1: ’99 Miata NB vs. ’96 Civic Hatch [Video]

It may have taken a full season, but Miata fans finally got what they were asking for: a battle to prove their favorite track toy’s supremacy. But to do that, it’ll have to go through the champion of the very first episode of Driver Battles and his Honda Civic Hatch. Chris Willard, the driver of the Miata, is certainly brimming with confidence, but will he be able to pull off the victory?

Driver Battles Mazda Miata

Both cars have fairly similar power and weight figures, and both are even on the exact same size of Nitto NT01s: 225/45R15. The biggest difference is that the Miata is front-wheel driver and the Civic is rear-wheel drive.

Driver Battles Honda Civic Hatchback

To find out which of these drivers is victorious, watch the battle above!

Driver Battles Honda Civic Hatchback and Mazda Miata

Watch Duane Bata battle an E30 in the first episode of Driver Battles!

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