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Rig Spotting: The Wild & Wonderful From the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari [Gallery]

The Easter Jeep Safari brings in enthusiasts from all around the world, and many of them bring their own vehicles. With such a high concentration of people and rigs in a small town, it can be overwhelming, but it's the perfect opportunity for people watching and rig spotting.

Just about every type of off-road vehicle can be found, with multiple variants of builds. Choosing your rig, suspension, tires and the type of 'wheeling you want to do are just some of the reasons this amazing culture is so fun, challenging and exciting. You get to choose what you want — all the more reason to sign up for a life filled with off-road adventures.

We took some time to do a little rig spotting of our own at EJS 2017. While rig spotting is a great way to gain inspiration for your next build (and see what not to do), it's also just plain entertaining.

Check out the gallery above to see some of our favorite rigs spotted during our time in Moab for the 51st Annual Easter Jeep Safari.

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