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Ringbrothers 1971 Pantera> Pre-Reveal Design Notes

One car that’s been kept tightly under wraps leading up to SEMA 2013, is the 1971 Pantera “ADRNLN”. While it won’t be released until late Tuesday afternoon in Royal Purple’s booth at SEMA, we’ve got some tasty design sketches to share with you. The Ringbrothers will be giving it their signature restomod style, aided by some design cues from Brain Stupski of Studio PCK. Another surprise contributor to the finished product is Nike, who’s played with the interior.


All photos courtesy of Brian Stupski and Studio PCK. Stupski was tasked with turning the classic Italian-look, American-engine sportscar into a more modern and aggressive beast. Part of the iconic car’s profile is its sloping front and back ends. You can expect the front of ADRNLN to be shortened some, bringing proportions of the car back down to earth. They’ve also played with many innovate lighting concepts. We’ll have to wait for SEMA 2013 to see which one the Ringbrothers ended up incorporating into the car.


As for the lines, Stupski notes, “The really neat thing is all of the parting lines in the front fascia, and flowing through the side flanks. The Rings are well-known for this, and it really works for both a factory appearance, as well as drawing the eye through the design.” Stupski goes on to say, “Take note, as well at how the sweeping dip at the top of the door (at the bottom of the side windows) has been eliminated. It's now a straight body line, and it does incredible things when viewing that side profile. It lowers the roof, visually, and helps to move the eye a lot faster through to the rear quarters, giving an even greater illusion of speed.”


This sort of design planning and expertise is one thing that makes builds like this so special. Stay tuned to for more on the ADRNLN/Ringbrothers 1971 Pantera as well as other stunning builds during SEMA 2013! -Kristin Cline Thanks to Brain Stupski of Studio PCK for the sketches and insider's take on design!


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