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Roll Model: Jessica Weaver's 2006 Toyota Tacoma

Jessica Weaver might be more well-known for taking sexy photos next to hot imports, but there's another side to her that you wouldn't expect: she's big on lifted trucks and owns this modded 2006 Toyota Tacoma. Probably not what you'd expect from this blonde bombshell but I met her in 2013 and have had the pleasure of working with her ever since. At Nissfest last year I saw her truck for the first time and instantly knew I had to let the rest of our readers get the scoop on her story and her truck.

jessica weaver truck feature 6124

Having grown up in Colorado, her father drove a Ford Explorer Sport truck and would frequently take the family camping, out to the mountains or trekking into the winter snows. Those early memories stuck with her into her adulthood, and influenced her decision to purchase a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and modify it.

jessica weaver truck feature 6129

"I feel like the queen of the road, like I'm on top of world!" Jessica said, "I love the wilderness and my truck allows me to go off-roading whenever - no matter the weather or the environment."

jessica weaver truck feature 6143

"I’m not a man, but I know how to have fun like one. I like thrills and anything that’s exciting!" she explains. She's an outdoor gal at heart: shoots guns, goes trucking, hiking, diving, climbing trees, roller coasters, mountain bikes, you name it. Anything you can do she can do, all while wearing heels.

jessica weaver truck feature 6128

Jessica focused on mostly functional items when modifying her truck. Nitto Tire Terra Grappler G2 tires wrapped around V-Rock rims with a 3” lift kit give her all the traction and clearance she needs for a fun and safe day of off-roading. A billy bar for pushing brush aside, LED headlights, rain window guards and bug reflector to keep her going no matter what gets thrown her way. Tinted windows, running boards, truck-bed cover, Injen air intake and an upgraded audio sound system with backup camera bring everything together. And finally a pearl white wrap by Premium Auto Styling "wraps" up everything she's done to the Tacoma, so far.

jessica weaver truck feature 6205

She did the installations on LED headlights and air intake herself with some help from SP Engineering. And she isn't stopping there: next she's considering upgrading her suspension to raise the truck another 3 more inches, install a light bar and upgrade the seats soon. Pretty impressive, more than most men I know and to maybe even to put some men to shame. She's beautiful and knows her way around her truck; I can’t get enough of a female truck enthusiast that doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty!

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