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Sacramento Autorama 2015 [Gallery]

sacramento-autorama-2015-51 Car show season is upon us! Sacramento Autorama is the second main show of the early year (after Grand National Roadster Show) that really signifies the kicking off of a new car show season in California. This one is one of those car shows steeped in history and is a staple for local Sacramento-area car enthusiasts. Most locals grew up going to this show - whether it be for casual spectating or making it a date night. But it doesn't just stop at the locals, Sacramento Autorama has been known to attract people from all over the United States - this year I saw show cars there from as far as Austin, Texas. sacramento-autorama-2015-10 Sacramento is a custom car town, it's in their history. The phone books include names like Barris, Westerguard, Bertallucci, and Bagissarian to name a few. They were all the kings of customs in their days. New customizers bringing fresh builds to this show definitely hold dear to the roots that run so deep in Sacramento. sacramento-autorama-2015-85 I attend this show ever year, last year was arguably the biggest turnout I could remember. Lucky 7 brought out 8 custom cars to display, each one deserving to be crowned "King of Customs." I thought the momentum was going to keep rolling with 2015 being even bigger and better... But to my surprise, or disappointment, it seemed the attendance this year was the calm after the storm. The Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend may have been a factor keeping people away from this amazing show this year. But whatever the reason, I will continue to go again next year, to support as I always have. I hope to see everyone of y'all there and maybe it’s not the calm after the storm, but the eye of the hurricane to ensue. Never the less, there were still some amazing custom cars on display. Check out the gallery below to get a feel of what many missed out on this year at the 2015 Sacramento Autorama: id  33650
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