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SEMA 2015 Day 1: JDMWong's Highlights

SEMA 2015 Day 1: Highlights

It’s another year, another SEMA—but this time I’m rolling with a whole new crew, Driving Line. Since joining the team back in March, I’ve had my hands on building a relatively new automotive media brand up. What better way to truly announce to the world that we’re ready to take it on than a huge appearance at the world’s automotive mecca? For starters, we set up a massive booth outside, visible from nearly anywhere; inside, we packed it with the hottest vehicles representing all genres, from imports (Japanese and Euro) to classic domestic, truck/off-road and a special guest that’s joining us later this week, Sung Kang’s Datsun ‘Fugu Z’. Add to that a bunch of freebies (posters, t-shirts for each day and stickers) and a VR experience, and, well, let’s just say you have to be here to appreciate it (you’ll see more of this booth later).

But aside from a dope booth setup, it’s also the place to see the latest builds, the ones that people nearly kill themselves from finishing them in time to get them out to the desert. I also like to soak in all the latest products—it’s good to find that little bit of inspiration to want to get back to working on my car once the show’s done. Most of all, the first day of SEMA is the best because I get to see industry friends and get caught up. Here are some of my highlights:

  dl sema 2015 jw edit 02

Here’s the Driving Line booth—impressive, right? If you’re planning a visit, we’re out front in between Central and South halls, at booth #61043. Can’t miss it.

  dl sema 2015 jw edit 03

Each day we’ll have a special guest at the booth to sign autographs and hand out a limited edition t-shirt. Here’s Mad Mike Whiddett doing the classic pose.

  dl sema 2015 jw edit 04

Booth staff, Marlene Kieu and Cina Luks; we’ll be handing out free stickers, Driving Line magazines and limited edition FuguZ posters all week long!

  dl sema 2015 jw edit 05

Here’s associate editor, Justin Pagtalunan with the MV Designz team and Jon Sibal, next to the Back to the Future-themed Toyota Mirai, complete with gullwing doors and a Mr. Fusion.

  dl sema 2015 jw edit 06

Marty probably wishes he could go back to 1985 with the 2015 version Tacoma…

dl sema 2015 jw edit 07

Can you identify these classic Toyota chassis from the past?

dl sema 2015 jw edit 08

Now here’s a mini-van we can get down with: the Toyota Sienna-R Concept, a stripped down model with an upgraded suspension can clock in a full second faster than a Chevy Camaro SS at Willow Springs Raceway.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 09

Finally, saw the 2016 Acura NSX in person—and she’s gorgeous.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 10

Ludacris’ Legend, completely rebuilt to its original condition. Kind of an odd, but cool thing to see at SEMA.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 11

Mackin Industries always brings the heat to SEMA, usually in the form of new wheel selections, like these RAYS 57Transcend, which you can also see in Issue 5 of Driving Line’s print companion.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 12

Also hot from Mackin, these Advan Racing GTs for center-locking Porsches.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 13

Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s 2016 Formula Drift competition car—notice anything? (See lower rear bumper.)

dl sema 2015 jw edit 14

700HP Bisimoto Hyundai Tuscon engine bay? Sounds about right.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 01

AirLift Performance had this crazy looking E46 M3 with bright green paint, a Vortech-supercharged LS2 engine swap and the all-new Rocket Bunny aero kit.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 16

Twin-turbo Bisimoto Cayman S: yes, yes and more yes. Please.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 17

Rywire DC2 ITR engine bay

dl sema 2015 jw edit 18

Pandem Rocket Bunny Lexus RC F: the Pandem is short for ‘pandemic’, as in, the pandemic effect of Rocket Bunny, and is the latest evolution of the popular body kit brand.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 19

Rusty Slammington: easily one of SEMA’s most talked about builds, this BMW hits notes on so many levels, and you’re either gonna love it or hate it. Chances are, love.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 20

Jon Sibal is the latest to join the RWB club with this grey Porsche on Work wheels.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 21

Goodshow AA’s Boss S14 has a bunch of little touches that go beyond the Rocket Bunny kit, that pay tribute to older Datsuns, like the front emblem, interior work and a radio that’s made to look old school but is Bluetooth compatible.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 22

Julia Duong’s Nissan S14, representing Project Mu and Jade Motorsport.

dl sema 2015 jw edit 23

Mackin Industries’ Pikes Peak FR-S racecar recently received a new powerplant, a turbocharged 2JZ motor! Excited to see how this car will do at next year’s race.


Come back tomorrow for Day 2’s highlights!

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