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So Long, Farewell Scion

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We couldn't say that we (sort of) didn't see it coming but were nonetheless blown away by the news late last night while surfing Facebook. Motor Trend reported (via Car Buzzard) that Scion, after 13 years in the game, would announce sometime this morning that they would close up shop. Early rumors at best, it was strong gossip and we needed to hear an official word.

Sad to say, the news is true, having received a company PR statement minutes ago. But this isn't all a bad thing... as Scion comes to an end, Toyota is taking over what remains. This means, you're still going to have cars, albeit with Toyota badges, which includes the FR-S (I always thought this would be better as a Toyota anyway), iM and iA sedans, and when the car comes to fruition, the C-HR. The FWD tC will end its production later this year. Dealer service/repairs remain unaffected, though it remains to be seen if you'll still be able to purchase a FR-S (or the last true Scion vehicles) using the Pure Price process.

We'll have more news for you as it continues to surface.

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