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Super Discount on a Super Car: The Acura NSX

In 1991 the NSX was the holy grail of Japanese sports cars, well before Fast and Furious and “JDM” was even a thing. This was Japan’s first true exotic, battling the likes of the Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Diablo, but at less than half the price.

My interest in the NSX goes back a ways. When my buddies and I were just getting our licenses, my good friend's father told him that if we could find an NSX at MSRP—$65K at the time—he would buy it for him! Unfortunately, the car demanded a markup, and my buddy ended up with a 3000GT VR-4. Still not too shabby, but not quite an NSX.

NSX Sunset

Fast-forward 27 years and the new NSX is out, and once again, they’re demanding a markup…or at least they were initially.


NSX Experience

Acura is now starting to bring prospective owners to the Honda Test Track in Cantil, Calif. to have some fun with the car, and I was fortunate enough to be invited. 

NSX Lineup

The NSX can run up to $200K spec’d out, which puts it right there with the McLaren 570S, Lamborghini Huracán, Audi R8, and Porsche GT3RS—some serious competition.

As an incentive, for 2017 models, Acura is offering $30K off the MSRP, bringing the price down to a more “reasonable” $170K (as low as $130K on bare bones cars). Additionally, they’ve provided a concierge to assist you in finding a proper spec NSX. 

This was all part of the “NSX Experience," a customized VIP event designed to bring out the best in the NSX, all in an effort to sway your decision to purchase it.

NSX Headshot

Yep, that's me: the VIP. LOL.

Before Hitting the Track

The day started with some information on the history of the test grounds, as well as some interesting tidbits about the new NSX. Details as to current production numbers and specs were included, along with highlights of the vehicle.

NSX Explaining

Then we patiently waited to drive. 

NSX Waiting

We also got a sneak peak behind the scenes of the track operations room and layout. They have some very impressive tech, allowing them to have eagle eyes on the entire circuit the whole time.

NSX Track Control

This is my standard pose for all my pics. 

Once complete, everyone was given an instructor to assist us in our jaunts around each portion of the circuit.

NSX Assisted

On the Track

By the time the event was over, we had run the gamut of track day fun, including four laps on the road course—with a run in each setting (Eco/Sport/Track), high speed runs on the oval (limited to 130 mph as we were not wearing firesuits), four launch-controlled drag races, a skidpad section and a drift section.

NSX On The Track

Was it enough to convince me to purchase one? It came down to my personal preferences.

Behind The Wheel


  • The new NSX is a technological wunderkind. It almost does everything too well.
  • The all-wheel drive + hybrid makes it amazing to launch
  • Still enough room for a bag of golf clubs
  • $30K off 


  • It doesn’t remind me much of the old NSX, which felt light on its feet and very analog
  • The all-wheel drive + hybrid makes it feel almost too planted
  • Pricepoint—it's in used Ferrari 458, McLaren 570S, Audi R8 and Lamborghini Superleggera territory

Showing Off The Engine

The Verdict

When it comes down to it, I don’t know if I can get past the price point. Regardless of how amazing the technology behind it is, the entry point is simply too high. Parts bin sharing with a TSX for a car north of $130K just doesn’t work for me—especially as a previous supercar owner. It would be much more attractive if it was closer in price to say, the Nissan GT-R. Now if they were to take an additional $30K off...well, I'd have to find one in white!

Photographs provided by Acura.

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