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Take 5: Boss Coyote vs. Red Ram 2.0

Peek inside the minds of two different owners and their project builds: one, an 800 rwhp Boss Mustang 302; the other, a badass diesel Ram 2500. We asked them only five questions each, but their answers are about as different from each other as Grabber Blue and Flame Red. (Coincidentally, they did both buy 2013 models.)

Chase Cooper  |  @boss_coyote 

2013 BOSS MUSTANG 302 

@boss_coyote side view

1. Favorite car movie: 

"Gone in 60 Seconds" — the Eleanor chase scene at the end is the best. 

(This film also made our top 7 car movies from the '70s list.)

2. Favorite driving music:

Really anything, from classic rock to rap. If it's catchy, I'm down. 

3. Best mod to your vehicle:

The VMP TVS ported by Stiegemeier. They also included a straight cut 30 percent overdrive gear in the snout that hardly anyone else has. This helps to create more boost while eliminating belt slip; the car currently makes 800+ rwhp.

@boss_coyote Stiegemeier supercharger

4. Favorite road to drive:

Can't really say I have a favorite road. If I'm driving my car, I'm happy — as long as it's not stop-and-go traffic, of course. I do love taking her down to the Cecil County Dragway...

@boss_coyote at #abmnats

(...on Nitto NT05R drag radial tires, we might add.)

5. Next automotive adventure:

Getting this build wrapped up to the point of being able to hit car shows and some professionally edited clips. It should be done this spring and ready for some badass photos and videos. Stay tuned and keep an eye out on Instagram for @boss_coyote.

Joey Gaynor  |  @joeygains 

2013 DODGE RAM 2500

@joeygains BDS Suspension Ram 2500 front view

1. Favorite car movie:


2. Favorite driving music:


3. Best mod to your vehicle:

My American Force Two Piece Wheels

@joeygains American Force Two Piece wheels and Nitto Trail Grapplers

(Paired with Nitto Trail Grapplers... the perfect combo.)

4. Favorite road to drive: 

Ocean Parkway  

5. Next automotive adventure:

2017 Show Season


You may recognize Joey's big, bad, red Ram from SEMA 2016 or even the cover of a magazine. This truck's a hit, and it's not hard to see why. Follow Joey's journey with Red Ram 2.0 on Instagram @joeygains.

Want to be featured in an upcoming Take 5? We're looking for more Instagram influencers with project vehicles running Nittos! If interested, send us an email:

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