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TAS 2015: Japanese Automaker’s Unleash Concepts & New Models

tas-2015-oe-coverage-01 The Auto Salon has served as a coming out party for many of Japan’s most famous whips and it’s the place where future design trends are introduced to bloodthirsty domestic buyers. For 2015 there were a decent number of new, mostly JDM-only cars spinning on the turnstiles. Here are a few of the more intriguing prospects. TAS Pictures 258 Mitsubishi’s Final Concept would ensure the Lancer Evolution goes out with a bang. The Diamond Star crew has a history of building a limited edition of a model as it exits stage left. The car will be missed. TAS Pictures 260 (2) The Final Concept boasts engine dress-up accessories and a ton of HKS tuning gear that pushes output to 480 horsepower. This car is a rumor generator as it would be unlikely that HKS would have such a deep involvement in the Evo’s final bow…but one can hope. TAS Pictures 362 While we wait drooling at the dinner table for the RC F to drop in America, the Lexus Racing RC F GT3 Concept is showing the Japanese market the seductive coupe in full street fighter gear. We are officially jealous. TAS_2015_Suzuki_Alto_Turbo_RS_Concept Suzuki’s smart Alto Turbo RS Concept makes one wonder why the automaker abandoned the U.S. market? The eclectic Kei segment hatch brings a turbocharged engine, sporty interior, and tuning potential to the party… what’s not to like? TAS Pictures 343 Subaru Levorg S Concept Impreza wagon gets the STI dream makeover. Wagonists out there will be clamoring for this beast and its huge tuning upside. TAS_2015_Daihatsu_Copen The Daihatsu Copen is a sporty drop-top Kei car that is keen to take market share away from the likes of Honda and Toyota… a tall order, but it’s a sharp dressed ride. TAS Pictures 265 We didn’t know Mitsubishi has a Scion xB fighter. Look out Kia Soul. Somebody needs to drop an Evo 4B11 in one of these! TAS Pictures 249 The GT86 never gets old and Toyota’s tuning friends at Gazoo Racing have been tinkering with the groundbreaking coupe since Day One. In fact, this concept is the one that started the party. Gazoo had five or six other tuned GT86’s in booths throughout the show.

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