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The Land of Cool Minivans

In America, driving a minivan is almost a death sentence. It says to everyone, “I’ve given up on my hopes and dreams and am becoming a soccer mom/dad.” In short, driving a minivan is the opposite of cool in America.

Dodge mini van gray

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, minivans seem to be the coolest way to get around town.

worlds coolest minivan black and boxy Hong kong

Minivans Are Everywhere

Vans like the Toyota Alphard/Velfire/Hiace and Nissan Elgrand rule the streets. Aside from taxis, minivans are the most common cars in Hong Kong. If theres anything I learned in my time there, it’s that they love their minivans.

Toyota minivan hong kong black

Minivans can be spotted doing duty as cargo vans, shuttling around wealthy families with a chauffeur—

coolest minivan white hong kong

and are often lowered and turbocharged.

coolest minivans white hong kong

Better in Asia

It doesn’t take much to make them look cool. Unlike their bland counterparts sold in America, stock minivans in Asia are stylish, sporty and luxurious.

Toyota Vellfire white Hong Kong

And theres plenty of parts offered by OEM tuning houses TRD and Nismo.

Toyota TRD minivan silver

Nissan Nismo minivan white

Why is it that minivans in Asia are so cool, but in America they’re the last car you want to get stuck with? Not too many people in America are putting TE37s on minivans.

Toyota minivan with TE37s in Hong Kong

A Different Perception

It's all about perception. In Hong Kong, minivans don't have the dreaded stigma that they do in America. They're seen as cars that bosses and wealthy families are driven in.

Luxurious minivan interior in Hong Kong

The minivans sold in Asia have luxurious interiors and plush second row captain’s chairs with power leg rests, similar to sitting in a first class flight.

Toyota Alphard Mini van silver

With interiors like these, they're definitely something we would want to be driven in.

Luxury minivan interior captains chairs

Hence, for some people, minivans can be perceived as aspirational vehicles. So just as people modify Cadillacs and Mercedes Benzes, tuners in Hong Kong do the same with minivans. 

Toyota minivan white hong kong

With CUVs becoming the vehicle of choice for soccer moms, do minivans have a chance to be cool in America?

There are American minivan enthusiasts. Have you heard of Vankulture?

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