The Long Road Home: Episode 4

It’s only been a few days, but Matt has already shown us a bunch of places we never knew we wanted to visit. From the smallest desert in the world, to the sign post forest, to the “ancient ruins,” we had no idea how many cool things were on the way from Alaska to California. That said, it’s not like we’re surprised. There were bound to be a ton of fun sights on a journey that long, and there are undoubtedly more bucket list-worthy stops to come.

Long Road Home Jeep JL Roadside

Speaking of which, in this episode, Matt travels to the beautiful lakes of Jasper National Park, learning about some of the original overlanders along the way. These people could teach a thing or two to the modern crowd.

Long Road Home Jeep JL Lake

Stay tuned for episode five, where Matt will drive through most of Jasper National Park to Banff, with so many more beautiful lakes along the way. This is some of the most gorgeous terrain in all of Canada, so we’re excited to see how the next stage of his trip unfolds.

Long Road Home Jeep JL Freedom

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