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The Road Less Traveled on Hotrodder's Runabout

SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-189 As car people we are all about the drive, or at least that’s what drives me. Sure, going to shows and meeting up with friends is fine - but the wheels turning and the white lines passing by is what I really enjoy. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-159 I’ve met a ton of amazing like-minded people over the years, which brings me to the Hotrod Runabout. Mid-winter I get a call from my friend Russ Hare saying he’s organizing the hotrod roundabout and wanted to see if I’d join him. That’s a no brainer - last year’s event was a great day, so we signed up. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-191 Once again I found myself in the passenger seat of a family sedan to get you these pictures, but this time it was Justin’s and it was topless. In 2013 he was just getting this ‘34 phaeton together (above, left), but now she’s a tire twister ready for miles of smiles. Amazing what you can do in a year, right? SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-126 It all started at the Hare Ranch, like last year, for the briefing from the boys and to get course maps. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-216 This year a few extra miles were tacked on and a “choose your own destiny” off road portion was added to an elaborate new drive through the hills of North County. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-161 All new stops and roads from 2013, but most of the same folk turned up. Everyone was as amped as I was to hit the road and start sightseeing with friends. The drive took us through many miles of North County San Diego, reaching the outskirt hills of Temecula and into the Pechanga reservation. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-148 With all the beauty and wonderment surrounding me it was hard not to put my arm around Justin, lol.  But in all seriousness, over 40 cars completed the circuit with little or no problems. I think Eddie in the support truck was only called once for a bad fuel pump. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-238 The day finished on Justin’s property for some amazing BBQ pulled pork with all the accoutrements, while listening to live music and bench racing with friends. SoCal-Hotrod-Runabout-2014-234 All in all a wonderful way to spend a spring day out in the country of SoCal. Enjoy the gallery below with many more pictures to make you wish you were there! id  17520
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