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The Thirst is Real: Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Widebody at SEMA 2013

header2 I knew it was coming, I even wrote about it. Renderings hit the net, chatter hit the forums, Ferrari purists cried to the gods…Liberty Walk was coming out with one of its wild widebody kits - this time for the Ferrari 458 and it’s debuting at SEMA. Let’s keep it real, whether you like it or not, you HAVE to give it up to someone who’s willing to cutup their $250K car. This isn’t your basic add-on aero kit. This requires commitment. Yeah, some people believe these guys should be committed, but this is the beauty and the soul of the aftermarket. Taking something and making it YOUR OWN – it’s why we do it. sema-ferrari-458-liberty-walk02 When my editor asked me to hit the ground running on day one and select the Best European Car to write a feature about – I had a feeling that the Liberty Walk 458 would be up there, but I also didn’t want to believe the hype. I had heard about the Crooks and Castles SVR/Auto Veloce 458 as well, not to mention the Aventador V from Vorsteiner. Hell, I saw a KTM Cross-bow as well as a Pagani Huyara as well – but this is about the aftermarket. Those are great, amazing European exotics, but they’re stock. I’m not a huge fan of 22” rims on Bentleys but I kept my mind open as I made my way through the South Hall. There’s gotta be something just as crazy… sema-ferrari-458-liberty-walk03 There were some great Audi S7’s, even an RS7. A few Aventadors with wheels and Akrapovic even brought out a full-on Audi R18 LMP1 Racecar…but again, this is SEMA – it’s the AFTERMARKET. I had to find a complete car.
  • Liberty Walk Widebody Aero Kit consisting of:
    • Over Fenders Front and Rear
    • Front Replacement Bumper w/DTM Spoiler
    • Rear Replacement Bumper
    • Rear Carbon Fiber Ducktail Wing
  • Liberty Walk lowering springs
  • Rotiform Rims
  • LBWorks Custom Calipers
  • Custom Exhaust
sema-ferrari-458-liberty-walk05 The Liberty Walk 458 is the best European aftermarket car at SEMA. It’s the best in that it has been upgraded all around. Aero (which is pretty gangster considering Ferrari is no slouch when it comes to wind tunnel dynamics) , wheels and tires, suspension, exhaust – it’s got the core parts that the aftermarket lives off of. Oh and by the way, it was done on a Ferrari platform. Not a huge demographic (how many Ferrari 458 owners are willing to cut their fenders?) but it exists for those that want to modify and customize their already exclusive supercar. sema-ferrari-458-liberty-walk01 -Albert Roxas
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