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You can be a good driver, but to be UNSTOPPABUL, you need a little horsepower... (err, BUL...power?)

Watch the video above for never-before-seen footage from the 2015 Cover Story "Mad Mike Whiddett: Living the Dream" (Driving Line Magazine, Issue 4), in which the professional drifter gives some background on his rides BADBUL, HUMBUL and RADBUL.

(We haven't forgotten about MADBUL; you can see that one in the "Conquer the Crown" video.)


So where's Mad Mike at right now? Well, his documentary, "The Mad Life," premiered yesterday in New Zealand:

This means Red Bull TV will be airing it soon for us in the States! The exact date is yet to be announced — sometime in January 2017 — so we're going to have to reign it in and be patient... Watch the official teaser if you're getting antsy.

There's more where that came from! View behind-the-scenes and previously unreleased photos from last year's Issue 4 cover shoot with Mad Mike in the gallery below.

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