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So, there you have it: Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 is officially done and we had a blast checking out the action and logging plenty of miles walking in the process. Here's a huge mega gallery recap, and we'll have more exclusive TAS content coming your way shortly. Until then, we'd like to specially highlight our staff picks of the show:

MK Motor Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

dl tas 2 01

We almost didn't find this small hall of gold but when we finally did, I instantly gravitated towards the MK Motor GT-R with a quickness. Sporting a light grey/blueish hue and treated to bolted overfenders, this classic GT-R chassis sees some new school styling with wider wheels and chunky Nitto tires, and is a cool alternative to most race-prepped demo cars.

ARMY GIRL RWB Porsche 993

drivingline tokyoautosalon2016 gallery 127 3007

My first car meet in Japan was the RWB 2016 Tokyo New Year Meet in Roppongi, so it was only fitting that I highlight the ARMY GIRL RWB Porsche 993 from my first Tokyo Auto Salon. I'm an import guy at heart, but Porsches will always be my secret love affair. Nakai-san's Euro-JDM styling perfectly bridges the gap for me. This photo also embodies the whole TAS experience - cars, models and crowds as massive as the ones you see on workday mornings packing into a Yamanote Line Train.

(Photos by: Justin Pagtalunan and Jonathan Wong)


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