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Top 5 Drift Lines in Forza Horizon 4

If you’ve been playing Forza Horizon 4 as much as we have, or watching our weekly livestreams on Facebook, you know that there are ample places throughout the map to swing your rear out in between traffic. On top of the tons of official drift zones placed throughout the map, there are a bunch of great lines and routes for drifting enthusiasts of all skill levels. That said, not all of them are created equal. That’s why we’re laying out the top five drift lines in the game, so that you can always find a good place to get sideways with some friends.

City Circles


While the official drift zones are nice, we don’t like how they’re point-to-point. Right when your tandem gets in perfect sync, you have to turn around and come back. Not so in the City Circles. Since it is in essence just two figure eights put together, you never have to stop tandeming. If you’re looking for a continuous loop for unending drifting fun, you need to go here. Another great aspect of this line is how wide the streets are, giving you ample room to maneuver around traffic or that guy who went the wrong way.

Central Switchbacks


A drift zone down a hill that transitions into a set of technical hairpin turns? Sign us up. We’ve featured this one on our streams a few times, and with good reason. You and your buddies can have just as much fun swinging it out freely down the hill or throwing it into a higher gear to power up it. Sure, the road, especially on the switchbacks, is pretty narrow, but there’s something innately enjoyable about watching your friend get punted off a cliff by someone with a 400hp advantage over them.

Festival Loop


This is a great line for warming up because it has a little bit of everything. You can carry quite a bit of speed, test your skills on an official drift zone, link the whole circle, go through some minor elevation changes and all your friends can easily fast travel to it! It even stays well-lit at night. We really love the lines that form a loop so that you never have to stop drifting, and this is one of the best. Even better, there’s no way your friend who’s new to the game won’t be able to find it. Bring on the tandems!

Edinburgh Outskirts


What do you do once you’ve spent more time drifting in Edinburgh than you can remember? You drift in the outskirts! At the foot of the cliffs of Arthur’s Seat is this epic drift zone. You can carry quite a bit of speed through it, with long, sweeping turns. Make sure to keep it tight, as if you swing it wide you’ll slam into the cliff. It may not have the same level of danger as falling off it, but that doesn’t make the line any less fun.

The Mother of All Lines


This is the big one. Taking you from one side of the mountain range at the top of the map to the other, this is by far the longest drift line we hit on a regular basis. What makes this so great is how it truly takes advantage of the massive elevation changes in Horizon 4. Sure, there are other lines on this list that allow you to go either up or down a pretty steep elevation, but what other line allows you to do both? Transitioning from powering up the mountainside to downshifting into a sideways descent is amazing. You need to link this line now.

Are there any lines we missed? Watch our stream on Facebook every Friday at 4 p.m. PT and tell us where to go!

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