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What is Gymkhana?

What is Gymkhana? Most people nowadays automatically assume it’s a viral video with a guy drifting through unthinkable obstacles in either an abandoned facility or shutdown city streets. If you are one of those people, you might need to think again. Gymkhana is a timed event on a small course, testing both skill and speed. One at a time drivers maneuver through a predetermined course with obstacles like cones, barrels or barriers where they will perform drifts, 180s, 360s, figure 8s, reversals and other advance driving skills, all with one simple goal in mind, the fastest time wins. Check out this video below from a gymkhana event in Malaysia; it might not have airplanes or two-wheeling trucks, but I guarantee it will be just as exciting.

Whatever definition of gymkhana you decide to go by, there’s no denying that it has spawned a number of viral video spoofs. The most popular being the Crazy Cart Ken Box videos:

But here are some other spoofs you probably haven't seen:

He didn't choose the farm life, the farm life chose him.

A literal small course.

Cut grass and sick moves, win-win.

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