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What to Look for: SEMA 2013

header1 It’s the most wonderful time of the year again – for automotive enthusiasts that is.  SEMA 2013 is upon us and we’ve all been good boys and girls this year right?  SEMA is the “World Series” for the aftermarket, the one big show each year to roll out the latest and greatest products and projects amongst peers in the industry. Closed to the public, the event is geared towards buyers/resellers from all over the world. Having gone to SEMA for over 13 years now, I can honestly tell you it’s a true melting pot of cultures, products and vehicles. For 2013, I’m personally looking forward to seeing the following: Ferrari 458 Aero:  Liberty Walk/TraKyoto Widebodies + Auto Veloce SVR Kit We’ve all seen the Lamborghini Murcielago Kit (released at 2012 SEMA) and the BMW widebody kits, but Liberty Walk has recently released a Ferrari 458 kit...that will really piss Ferrari purists off!. Composed of the signature riveted fender flares, front, side and rear add-ons, not to mention that crazy flat stand wing – the Liberty Walk 458 will be on my short list to catch early upon arrival to the South Hall. sema-2013-project-car-builds-25 Pics courtesy of LTMW’s Facebook page Also debuting will be the Auto Veloce 458– built by LTMW (Liberty Walks shop of choice as well) and owned by one of the guys from Crooks and Castles. Auto Veloce is another shop out of Japan that is crazy enough to change up the Ferrari 458 factory aero with replacement front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a GT Racing styled rear wing.  Lot of respect to those willing to change up the factory aero of such an expensive vehicle. sema-2013-project-car-builds-21 Multiplying Bunnies: Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ : Rocket Bunny 2.0 + BulletProof Varis Scion FR-S With SEMA 2012 bringing the bulk of FR-S builds (and the start of the Rocket Bunny craze,) this year will bring out Version 2.0 as well as some other well known companies putting their hat into the “Toyobaru” ring. The kit that started the add-on fender craze for the FR-S, Tra Kyoto comes back with Version 2.0 of his very aggressive and popular body kit. A full front bumper replacement (Version 1.0 were merely add-ons) as well as revised fenders and a controversial rear spoiler make up the changes to the most well known Rocket Bunny kit. sema-2013-project-car-builds-27 Also making it’s SEMA debut will be the Bulletproof Automotive FR-S Concept One Supercar built by Ben Schaffer of Bulletproof automotive. With a power to weight ratio that exceeds the Toyota LFA, not to mention some killer aero by Varis as well as 500HP thanks to an Amuse turbo kit – This is one FR-S that you won’t see at the local high school…I think. sema-2013-project-car-builds-23 Vorsteiner Aventador Continuing to add-on to the worlds most exotic automobiles – the guys at Vorsteiner have built the Aventador V. Comprised strictly of Carbon Fiber components as well as being one of the vehicles for the top tier customer support program currently being released (Vorsteiner Nero) – the Aventador V will be one of the most exclusive aftermarket products available at the SEMA show. sema-2013-project-car-builds-30 sema-2013-project-car-builds-28 Scion TC Tuner Challenge Each year Scion puts on a “Tuner Challenge” to showcase builds from enthusiasts that are chosen from across the country. This years model is the 2014 Scion TC, a great aftermarket platform to build on. Competitors are given a budget (but can add their own funding also,) as well as a car, to produce the best vehicle they can build within 90 days. Winners will be announced during the week of SEMA. sema-2013-project-car-builds-29 sema-2013-project-car-builds-26 sema-2013-project-car-builds-22 These are just a few of the great builds that will debut at the SEMA show, over 2000 new products will be on display as well – be sure to check out the hashtag #livefromsema for up to the minute images at the show (I’ll be using it!) as well as #semarequest for anything you’re looking to see but can’t make it to the show – it’s like being there… drooling next to me! -Albert Roxas

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