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Will the Subaru BRZ STI of Our Dreams Finally Come True?

DL-BRZ_STI_CONCEPT-01 It’s been a long time coming but has Subaru finally answered the question many BRZ enthusiasts have been asking: Is the STI coming? Subaru provided a resounding possibility of “what could happen” when they dropped this bomb on us at NYIAS: the BRZ STI Performance Concept, donning the familiar blue hue the STI name has become synonymous with. DL-BRZ_STI_CONCEPT-03 STI, which stands for Subaru Technica International, currently has plans to expand its US operations in three very important areas: aftermarket performance parts, STI-tuned vehicles and motorsports. Parts designed by STI have already begun to replace parts made by Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT), and Subaru’s Global Rallycross team has been receiving more help from STI engineers. DL-BRZ_STI_CONCEPT-13 But back to the BRZ STI Performance Concept: Aside from a STI version coming at all, the second question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the car was released: “Will it come turbocharged?” Unfortunately, that remains to be answered – but for the time being, you can count on suspension, light engine performance, braking, chassis and aero upgrades being a solid ‘yes’. This car was meant to show what STI is capable of doing, and as such, the team has teased us ever so by swapping in that dream engine with a turbocharged EJ20, pulled from a Japanese Super GT-series GT300 BRZ, which also makes one more thing very clear: it’s rear-wheel drive. DL-BRZ_STI_CONCEPT-15 The BRZ STI Performance Concept delivers huge from an aesthetics viewpoint: a redesigned, highly aggressive front bumper with LED treatments running down the side vents to match the headlights; a big-ass carbon wing on the rear trunk while down below it is a carbon diffuser with twin center-exit exhaust tips; special edition STI Recaro buckets; and a center console setup fitting for Daft Punk. We can probably guess the car handles like a dream with STI-designed springs and custom-valved Bilstein shocks, and the massive BBS wheels compliment the large STI brake calipers perfectly. DL-BRZ_STI_CONCEPT-07 Only time will tell just how much of the BRZ STI Performance Concept will make its way onto a finalized US-version BRZ STI – and if (or when) it does, our fingers will be crossed that the turbocharger will have found its way on to make the STI name proud. Check out the gallery for more photos of the Subaru BRZ STI Performance Concept. id  36234 (Images: courtesy of Subaru)
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