SEMA 2014 was full of great vehicles and products, but here are 5 of my favorites that I'm expecting you'll surprised by:


camry_hotrod camry_hotrod2 The Toyota Camry Hotrod. Super unexpected, a full body sedan, with working rear doors. With the body down, it is sincerely the best sleeper EVER.


rwb_vw rwb_vw2 Tanner Foust's RWB Beetle. So different considering the platform (not Porsche Aircooled) - the soul and design of RWB is expanding into other platforms, which is a good thing.


lexus_RBRCF lexus_rcF The Greddy/Lexus Rocket Bunny RCF. I know, I know #rocketbunny everything. But it was great to see the kit on a different platform than the usual Scion FR-S. This is the first Rocket Bunny kit to debut TraKyoto's signature wheels.


mustang15 mustang15_2 The new Ford Mustang. Yep, thats right - the resident European car snob likes the new Stang! Maybe my JDM roots see some S15/Sylvia design in there...either way I'm down with this one, so Ford Corp please send one over in grey please!


gm_liner gm_liner2 The General Motors Futureliner. So cool to see this in the flesh, used in the 40's for the parade of progress. The Futureliner toured the US showing off the latest new cars and technology for that time period. Retro cool!!



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