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10 More Awesome Photos From Gridlife 2016 You Haven't Seen Yet

Gridlife South—what more is there to say about what's easily one of the most fun events this country has ever seen? It's as close to Gatebil as we might get, and while there's coverage of this everywhere, we assure you there are a lot of images that have slipped through the cracks, including these.

Here are 10 more awesome photos from Gridlife 2016 that you haven't seen yet:

1. Impeccably Detailed STI

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 01

All weekend long, the cars on the racetrack (especially the drift cars) were getting all the photo attention, but we spotted something off in the distance that couldn't be ignored—one of the nicest STIs we've ever laid eyes on. It's easy to miss all the details as it gets lost in all that black, but observe: rotated manifold, Recaros, big tire setup, flawless aero execution... Just "wow."

2. Insanely Fast FWD Civic

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 02

The big news coming from the FF racing world was from William Au Yeung and his insanely fast FWD Civic. Not only did he put up the fastest time of the weekend, but he came within 0.03/second to Chris Rado's world record at the Road Atlanta track. William has less horsepower and aero mods than Rado's tC and yet he still managed to come that close. Another wow moment.

3. Blistering Fast Evo

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 03

Speaking of fast, RS Motors and 365 Racing were very fast—blistering fast in fact, with an Evo piloted by Brandon Ranvek. Seems fitting, as they sported the biggest Gridlife sticker out of anyone.

4. Stoneback Drift at Golden Hour

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 04

Back to drifting! Geoff Stoneback shows us what’s like to drift off into the sunset (literally), up the final hill at Road Atlanta.

5. Forsberg/Gittin Jr. Tandem Drift

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 05

Nothing says “drift party” like a tandem run between two cars filled with people. Chris Forsberg packed the Flama Blanca Infiniti four heads deep, leading Vaughn Gittin Jr. around the course.

6. Drift Party

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 06

Speaking of drift parties... See if you can count all these drift cars. It’s moments like these that make Gridlife so fun.

7. Sideways Selfie

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 07

When you don’t have a crowd of cars around and you wanna flex, what better way than to bust out the selfie stick and upload to the 'gram?

8. Low Key Amazing RHD Nissan 180SX

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 08

Some of the cars in the car show at Gridlife were low key amazing. Take this RHD Nissan 180SX for example. We love the LMGT4 wheels, Kouki taillights and OE Type X kit.

9. CRUDE Engineering Beauty

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 09

The CRUDE Engineering 510 might as well have been a show car because that car looked as good driving on the track as it did being off it.

10. Showstopping Honda 2002

driving line gridlife 2016 extras 10

The post-punk, S2000-powered 2002 was probably the most eye opening car at Gridlife South. Not only was this thing a serious contender for tetanus poisoning but it was racing the track any chance it got. Plus, it looks so damn cool. Bonus points if you spotted the custom license plate.

(Photos: Steven Long)

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