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100 Years in the Making: Mitsubishi Owner's Day 2017 [Gallery]

MOD 2017 at Mitsubishi’s headquarters in Cypress, California, was possibly the biggest Mitsubishi Owner’s Day to date. The annual event is what SoCal Mitsubishi owners dream of all year. It's open to all models of Mitsubishis, from Eclipses to Monteros and everything in-between. There’s even a dyno pull competition put on by Road Race Engineering if you feel like throwing down some numbers during the event. Some Evos were even able to break the 1,000 hp mark. Yes, that’s 1000 hp out of just four cylinders!

The attendance this year was at an all-time high; in fact, the streets all around Mitsubishi’s headquarters were lined with every flavor of Mitsubishi you could dream of. This marked the 12th year in a row of the Mitsubishi Owners Day meet-up and the 100th year of Mitsubishi making automobiles. To celebrate, the raffles and giveaways were bigger than ever. We can’t wait to see what Mitsubishi has to offer next year.

Fun Fact: "Mitsu" = 3, "Bishi" = Diamond

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