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11.8! 2018 Mustang GT Lights Up the Quarter Mile

When Ford announced its updates to the Mustang for the 2018 model year, much of the talk was about the car's new front end and not so much about its mechanical upgrades. But it turns out the performance bump in the '18 Mustang GT has paid off in a very big way.

2018 mustang gt quarter mile 02

The good folks at Hot Rod Magazine recently got a hold of a fresh 2018 Mustang GT equipped with the performance package and the new 10-speed automatic transmission and took it to Orlando Speed World in Florida to see what kind of ETs the car could turn in bone stock form.

2018 mustang gt quarter mile 04

Along with the new automatic transmission (a six-speed stick is still available of course) the 5.0L Coyote V8 has been bumped up to 460hp for 2018 and the Mustang GT now includes "Drag Strip Mode" for those looking to lay down the best ET at the track.

2018 mustang gt quarter mile 01

As soon as the car hit the track, Hot Rod was able to get an 11.94 ET. After playing around a bit, they were able to set a best ET of 11.83 at 119 miles per hour—an astonishing figure for a bone-stock Mustang GT.

2018 mustang gt quarter mile 05

You can find out all the details in the full Hot Rod story, but this is big news for the Mustang faithful and anyone who appreciates an old fashioned horsepower war. Like so many other gearheads, we absolutely can't wait to see what the 2018 Mustang GT is capable of with a set of drag radials and some simple performance upgrades. Hats off to you, Ford!

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