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12 Favorites from Lonestar Round Up

Rounding out the 2014 Lonestar Round Up coverage, my favorite 12 from the show. I'm not claiming these are the "best" of the show, just ones that stuck in my mind. They range from traditional hot rods, to customs, to just plain interesting. Here's why I liked 'em...

1. 1929 Ford "Corrugated Flyer"

2014-lonestar-round-up-1929-Ford-5-window-Corrugated-Flyer-20 There's a fine line between overdone and standing out, and this 5-window Ford, of Otis Schmidt from Oklahoma, strikes that balance perfectly. With matte gold paint, a helluva engine, and many custom features such as: it's obvious chopped roof, slammed stance, and handcrafted metal seats...this is one car with design and craftsmanship to be proud of. 

2. 1955 Chevy Truck "Stardust"

2014-lonestar-round-up-1955-chevy-truck-stardust-24 Even those that don't know cars from the 50s well can easily recognize that this beauty is a custom. The unique lower front grill and inset rear taillights are a dead giveaway, but that's not where the customizing stops. The folks at Star Kustom Shop left no detail overlooked, one of my favorite touches was the polished valve cover put to use in the interior's center console, held down with a little bit of bling. 

3. Squished 1962 Buick Skylark

2014-lonestar-round-up-1962-Buick-Skylark-squished-custom-20 It may not be very pretty, and it definitely doesn't have the finesse of a finished custom, but it's just so out there that you've gotta love it. Originally about a 6 foot wide car, this guy seems to be squished in half with just enough room for the engine to sit. 

4. Bass-Front Chevrolet Pickup

2014-lonestar-round-up-bass-front-chevy-pickup-21 This look may not be for everybody, but you can't say it isn't cool and original. A custom fabricated front grill made to look like an upright bass, complete with barbed wire "strings" leading up to the firewall. The music theme was carried throughout, with a cymbal air cleaner top and vintage microphone shift knob. Those spiderweb fenders are pretty cool too. 

5. Slammed and Scalloped Cadillac

2014-lonestar-round-up-black-and-gold-scalloped-cadillac-21 I'm a sucker for scallops and they just fit this car so well, adding to its already fantastic angles and length. It's roof is painted with two-tone gold stripes covered in a flake and everything about this car had me wanting to hop in and go for a cruise. 

6. 1966 International

2014-lonestar-round-up-1966-International-slammed-pickup-ls-engine-21 John Pena's 1966 International is a perfect example of a modern and vintage mash-up. With an exterior kept classic with vintage pastel aqua and white scallops down the side, it's slammed stance and LS engine under the hood have turned it modern. A wooden barrel hides the rear axle and there are plenty of other details that make this truck work. It's far from being simply slammed together. 

7. Polished Roadster

2014-lonestar-round-up-chrome-roadster-Canada-23 One awesome thing about driving interesting classic cars, is that when you pull up to a stoplight and a little kid crosses in front of you - they're usually staring at the car with mouth agape. It's that wonderment that the inventive aspects of old cars encourage...and this polished roadster is way up there in it's "wonderment" scale. It's a shame that I didn't get to chat with the fellow responsible, but his license plate was from Canada and I heard this beauty is all hand-built. Yowzers. 

8. Custom Edsel Wagon

2014-lonestar-round-up-Edsel-wagon-custom-23 Some people love Edsels, some people hate them - I find myself somewhere in between on that spectrum, but I just couldn't stop thinking about this custom Edsel wagon. Chock full of well executed custom features, this guy was just right in my book. 

9. Long Haulin' Roadster Pickup

2014-lonestar-round-up-green-Ford-roadster-pickup-20 If you've ever ridden in one of these roadsters, you know what an experience it is. Almost akin to taking a go-kart on the freeway, I have mad respect for peeps who take them on the long haul. From Arkansas, this thing packed up and made the drive to Austin. I also appreciated the unique green color and the clean Ford engine powering it. 

10. 1957 Pink Cadillac

2014-lonestar-round-up-pink-1957-Cadillac-25 Made immortal by Bruce Springsteen, the pink Cadillac will always be a classic. Rather than an obnoxious bright pink, Vicky and Ken Fissel's rendition keeps it classy with what appears to be an original '57 color "Dusty Rose". One of my favorite things about this car is the notch. 

11. Bomber Roadster

2014-lonestar-round-up-thunderbolts-cc-bomber-roadstert-20 The aviation theme works so well on little roadsters, and this guy was executed in style. The unique point-tipped side and top pipes grab your attention initially, but upon closer inspection other details keep it. From the airplane-styled throttle gear shifter to customized brackets, and the perfect wheel choice, this one was done right. 

12. Sans Radiator Stepchild

2014-lonestar-round-up-trunk-radiator-pickup-21 It may not jump out to everyone initially, but it's missing one very important aspect up front. While others customize and swap front grills to be unique, this guy is completely missing one. Relocating his radiator to the rear pickup bed, you see all that glorious engine all at once. I've been to ALOT of car shows, and I can't ever remember seeing this done - and now I'm wondering why... Remind me to ask how the radiator relocation works at keeping temperature in the right spot. 

Honorable Mentions

full-fendered-ford It was difficult narrowing down my favorites to only twelve, so if you're still wanting more...these are some of the others that I really enjoyed... 

What's your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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