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2017 SEMA Show Sneak Peek: First Look

It’s time for the Superbowl of all things car related, SEMA! This year is already shaping up as the biggest SEMA to date. As it is literally impossible to cover the entire show all in one day, we’ll be breaking our coverage into area-based Editor’s Picks day-by-day.

With SEMA week kicking off, I’m starting off in the front of Central Hall and making my way through —all before the 2017 SEMA Show officially opens. Watch the LIVE video above and browse through below. Here’s what caught my eye…

1. CATuned E30 M3

First up, is the cleanest E30 M3 I have ever seen in my entire life. Stan Chen’s CATuned, perfectly restored E30

2017 SEMA - BMW E30 M3  

2. Porsche 993 Turbo 400R Concept

You can’t make your way through Central Hall without noticing the cleanest Porsche 993 Turbo you will ever lay your eyes on. The 400R concept. It’s just too good.

SEMA 2017 - 400R Porsche 993

3. AMC Rambler Wagon

Right across from it, is a resto-mod wagon on steroids. A fitted and flared AMC Rambler that would be the perfect daily driver.

AMC Rambler Wagon SEMA 2017

4. Team Hybrid NA RX-7

A little deeper in, sits this 4rotor NA RX-7 from Team Hybrid. Exceptional.

Team Hybrid RX-7 SEMA 2017

5. Aaron Parker's RX-7

Speaking of RX-7’s, Aaron Parker brought out his Borg Warner-powered drift machine to this year’s SEMA show. Working race cars at the SEMA show always get my vote.

SEMA 2017 RX-7

6. LS-Powered FC3S RX-7

Another RX-7 that is just too good to pass up is the FC3S in the BC Racing booth that just happens to be Turbo LS powered.

LS-RX7 SEMA 2017

7. Hauk Design Jeep

I can’t mention turbos without showing this twin turbo Gatling gun turret-equipped Jeep. Built by Hauk Design.

SEMA 2017 Hauk Design Gattling Gun Turbo Jeep

8. Gas Monkey Garage X Big Mike Datsun 280Z

I have to end my favorites on the one and only Gas Monkey Garage X Big Mike Datsun that happens to be front and center in the Nitto booth. At first glance, it may look like just another Datsun, but look closer. All the details will blow you away.

Gas Monkey X Big Mike Datsun 280Z SEMA 2017

There are countless other cars at the SEMA show that I could go on about, but I’ll just end my highlight list there. We still have 3 more days left of the show and there are so many more cars to discover. Join Driving Line here and on our social channels for some real surprises this week!

See what else is brewing at SEMA.

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