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2017 Wekfest Japan: USDM vs. JDM Showdown

Wekfest returned for its fourth annual show at Port Messe in Nagoya, Japan. This year 350 cars were brought in from around the country — each pre-screened to ensure the highest quality builds were on display, challenged with the show's theme of "USDM vs. JDM."

The event is run in a way that makes participants feel as if they were at a U.S. show. Modification sheets have to be written in English, and the awards ceremony is also conducted in English. The reaction from participants is overwhelmingly positive, although some find it a bit difficult, understandably.

Wekfest Japan 2017

This year brought many high quality builds, and as one of the judges told me, the level keeps improving, especially when it comes to the engine bays. Everyone we met in attendance loved the event, and when we asked about the cars, they loved the fact that Japanese tuners can take the American style, apply it and improve it with a Japanese twist.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of our top picks from this epic USDM vs. JDM showdown.

What is JDM? Learn what this tuning movement entails exactly.

'90s JDM

Honda Integra

There were a pair of Honda Integras fully kitted with Mugen goodies. If these were back in the states, there's no doubt they would take the crown for top JDM '90s model with their ultra-rare Mugen CF-48s with optional aero covers.

Shocking SVX

Subaru SVX

Have you ever known someone who modified a Subaru SVX on purpose? We haven't, so imagine our shock delight when we came across just that. We know it probably isn't the first thing people think of when the words "Japan" and "car show" are put together, but the owner of this SVX had pulled it off.

Bring the Fizzle

Honda CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z was supposed to be a descendant of the CR-X. Although both were hatchbacks, it seems that the CR-Z just doesn't get the same admiration as its predecessor. Available in Japan, it is a bit of a rarity to see one modified since there are so many other choices.


Toyota Mark II wagon

A Toyota Mark II wagon and AE86 were transformed into police cars with push bars and LED light racks. The Mark II had additional wide fenders, while the AE86 was left-hand drive. If you ever saw them on the road, you need not worry because they were sporting Decepticons police badges. On second thought, maybe you should be a little worried.

Smooth Criminal

Toyota AE86

From the same group that brought the police cars was an impressive Toyota AE86. When you get past the fact that it is indeed a U.S. Toyota Corolla, you get hit by its clean engine bay containing a worked 4.5AG engine with ITBs and high-rise header.

European Elegance


There were also a few German cars on hand, including this Scirocco with over fenders, 18-inch wheels and Cayenne front six piston brakes. Representing his Canadian team, Lost Royalty, the owner likes the mix of cleanliness and aggressiveness.

The Last Event

Honda Civic Si

Port Messe's round hall is unique in that it has skylights, so when it is sunny it provides some great lighting. We just happened upon this Honda Civic Si as the sun came out and provided us with a spotlight. Featuring plenty of go-fast goodies and tuning from Global Auto, the only note it had on its modification sheet was: "This is the last event."

Low Low NSX


This left-hand-drive NSX was both bright and low. Sporting a Honda Verno banner and running Nitto Tire NT555s, we can only guess that the car has some high quality performance upgrades to match its looks. This is one that we definitely need to follow up on.



Sporting the legendary Renown livery that adorned the 787B at Le Mans, this FD3S RX7 by Body Works Hyoukoya won the "Best of Show Livery" Award. Featuring Rocket Bunny aero to accommodate its aggressive stance, it was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Extra Credit


One of the things that people enjoy doing at events like this is to watch the roll-in and the roll-out. Sometimes, a car might get stuck or scrape a few additional millimeters off their front bumpers due to the low ride height. We were more interested in hearing how the cars sounded on the road, and as the sun was setting, it marked the end of a great day.

Check out the gallery below to see more from Wekfest Japan 2017.

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