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2021 Ford Bronco Sport Spy Photos

It’s our first clear view of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport testing without bulky camo to hide its body lines. These photos of the new "Baby" Bronco reveal details that the images leaked earlier this month didn't show.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Spy Photo driving

What’s obvious from the get-go is the Bronco’s signature boxy design with an upright front fascia, and the now well-known Bronco headlight clusters with round headlights connected by a horizontal grille element. The grille is wrapped in camo on this test mule, but we ‘re sure that it will have "BRONCO" spelled out in the center (like with “FORD” spelled out on the Raptor). Clearly seen from the side profile photos, the wheels are pushed out to the edges of the vehicle’s platform, and the front and rear bumper areas are clearly configured in a way to maximize the approach and departure angles for better off-road capability.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Spy Photo side profile

Note how the roof, complete with roof rails (for packing all that overlanding gear) has a slight step-up behind the B-pillar area, which is something we haven't seen before. Continuing with the truck’s angular and vintage aesthetic inspiration, there's a raised body line after the C-pillar that has an older Land Rover look to it.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Spy Photo rear

The rear view of the 2021 Bronco Sport is also telling. The entrance to the rear features a top-hinged liftgate followed by a pair of tail lights that appear to be LEDs. Taking a peek underneath the truck, you can see what looks like rear independent suspension. Production-ready-looking gray 17-inch wheels with a double five-spoke design round out the package.

Click here to see the latest full-size, 2021 Ford Bronco testing off-road.

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